Healthy Touch Massage Ltd. - Nicole Farner LMT- Owner

On Site Chair Massage/Corporate Massage

Seated Chair Massage - Massage offered in a special chair where you are able to remain fully clothed and receive a relaxing back, neck, shoulder and arm massage.  Massage time varies from 5-30 minutes.  Great Idea for Girls' Night, Spa Parties, Gift to a Wedding Party.
Corporate Chair Massage
Employee Benefit                                                                     
   Decrease stress and anxiety
   Immune System Boost
   Decrease Blood Pressure
   Decrease muscle pain
   Restores a calm mind and feeling of well-being
   Employee feels better right away
   Relieves fatigue
   Increased creative thinking
Employer Benefits
   Increase productivity
   Improve retention rate of employees
   Decrease Absenteeism
   Decrease Stress in workplace
   Increased Morale
    Employee job satisfaction is increased - Employees
   Decrease anxiety and hostility improving environment for everyone
   Feel appreciated

Call for Chair Massage Prices - varies according to number of hours.

Please Call to Book In Home and Corporate Chair Massage.